Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Btfsplk Redux

According to Al Capp, creator of comic strip L'il Abner, the proper way to pronounce Btfsplk is to close your lips with your tongue sticking out, then blow out air — commonly known as a Bronx Cheer. (PS: I encourage you to read this blog post out loud.)

Joe Btfsplk radiated a cloud of doom everywhere he went. A really nice guy, Btfsplk couldn't help being a jinx to other people, so he resigned himself to being alone.

As much as you'd like to believe your personality is more appealing than Joe's, everyone carries a bit of Btfsplk. Here's the proof: Think about the last time you tried to change something in yourself but felt your efforts were jinxed. When you back away from the jinx, the shadow, you resign yourself to that gray cloud hanging over your head.

Instead of giving yourself a Bronx Cheer and trying to ignore the Btfsplk in you, get to know that troubling part and see what there is to learn.
Befriend your Btfsplk!

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