Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Are Your Enneagram Personality Patterns?

Make a guess as to your core style, but take the results of this or any Enneagram questionnaire as tentative. Your fundamental personality patterns rest on deep motivations, not on observable behaviors, and you have connections to all the others. 

"An Enneagram number does not stand by itself. It remains part of a line, part of an ongoing story..." The Lines Are the Basic Building Blocks of the Enneagram, Not the Points, by Michael Goldberg, Nine Points Magazine.
Are you compelled to fix things, focused on standards, quality, ideals? Are you angry when disappointed with others' shoddy work?
  Style 1 patterns
Are you focused on service, relationships, helping? Do you sometimes lose yourself by taking care of others? 
  Style 2 patterns
Do you have a stronger drive to succeed than most? Are you competitive, focused on efficiency, goals, and marketing yourself or your company?
 Style 3 patterns
Are you an innovative thinker who sees how things could be better? Are you moody; do you have trouble getting past your melancholy? 
 Style 4 patterns
Are you somewhat reserved; a deep thinker who's focused on gaining knowledge? Do you tend to withdraw from others' emotions?
 Style 5 patterns
Are you a good contingency planner, focused on what could go wrong? Do you second-guess your own decisions sometimes? 
 Style 6 patterns
Are you primarily enthusiastic, focused on the future and the possibilities? Do you avoid the nitty-gritty details?
 Style 7 patterns
Are you usually the one in charge, a strong, highly responsible person who doesn't feel comfortable showing weakness?
Style 8 patterns
Do you seek consensus, cooperation; avoid conflict? Do you tend to see all viewpoints, preferring not to be in the spotlight?
Style 9 patterns

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