Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are You Trustworthy?

Effective partners in life and high-performance teams work cooperatively, are guided by shared goals, trust each other, give and receive feedback openly, and take risks/assert themselves with each other.

Below are behaviors that build or lessen trust. For each one, ask yourself Am I more likely to . . .

  1.  seek new ideas/information  OR  act on my own opinions?
  2.  help my partner/team-mates  OR  focus only on my own needs/goals?
  3.  listen and play back what I hear  OR  focus on my own ideas/views?
  4.  be above-board, direct  OR  be indirect, non-disclosing?
  5.  tell the truth  OR  tell partial truths/what I think others want to hear?
  6.  say what I'm thinking/feeling  OR  send mixed signals?
  7.  accentuate the positive  OR  stress the negative?
  8.  remain calm under stress  OR  explode/overreact?
  9.  honor my agreements  OR  behave opportunistically?
  10.  see people as individuals  OR  categorize/stereotype?
  11.  show friendliness, compassion  OR  remain distant, aloof?
  12.  give specific, accurate feedback  OR  give evaluative feedback?
  13.  encourage/empower others  OR  insult, ridicule, diminish others?

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